2016 Colony Days Parade

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The Colony Days parade took place on Saturday, June 11th in beautiful downtown Palmer, Alaska. The ATCM has participated for the last three years. As in the past, Tamara Proehl was our contact person, and did a great job of organizing things for us. We were the color guard, or leading group, so we were at the beginning again this year. ATCM members brought about 15 vehicles and Todd McCabe walked in the parade in his period uniform, equipment and even an M1 Garand rifle.  

2016 Colony Days

June 2016 Meeting Minutes

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The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) held the monthly meeting in June on Wednesday the 15th. We met at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. In attendance were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Don and Linda Oliver, Joe Leong, Larry S. Wilkinson, Fred Scharper, Dennis and Diane Allen, Dick Stevenson, Todd A. McCabe, Richard Napoleon, Paul Williams, Roy W. Pace, and Steven Strube. I thought we had 16 people at the meeting, so someone may not have signed in.

     Larry Wilkinson, our club vice president, called the meeting to order at 7pm. He said our president, John Goodman, was not able to attend. Larry said we had a quorum. There were no new guests at the meeting. We had no awards or recognitions either. Everyone present said they had received the May newsletter and that it was very good, so the minutes were approved. 

Larry said we had some new correspondence from Rex Close. He is a long time member of the ATCM (#087). Rex lost his wife Shirley recently and wanted to donate $500 to the club half track fund in memory of her. We all offer our thanks and condolences to Rex. We then moved on to committees. Larry asked for new bills to be handed in. He noted that Dave Hewko was not present, so he would get them to Dave. No bills were handed it. We also didn’t have a Treasurer’s report. Sue Strumsky, the membership chairperson, had nothing to report. We did not get a gaming committee report either, but Fred Scharper said Bingo South was closed at the moment and he wasn’t sure why. He said they owe us $700 and may reopen in the next 90 days. There were no half track committee members present, therefore we had no report. So we moved on to events. 

Everyone seemed to have a good time at the Car show at the Northway Mall and Colony Days parade in Palmer. We discussed the possibility of doing a display next year after the parade. Larry told us there’s a $60 fee for the club to participate in the Anchorage 4th of July parade. We will meet up in the parking lot of Peggy’s Café about 9am. We can’t throw candy or use our horns or sirens. Diane Allen told us the Chugiak 4th of July parade is free and there is free food for all parade participants. We will meet up the same place as last year, at the bus lot, across from the Chugiak fire station on the Old Glenn Highway. We need to be there by 1230 and the parade will start at 2pm. You can throw candy, blow horns and use your siren. 

We moved on to old business. Fred Scharper made a motion to let Don Oliver be the caretaker of the club jeep (M38A1). It was seconded, discussed, and approved. Don will be driving the AMVETS national commander in the Anchorage 4th of July parade again this year. 

Under new business, Larry said that we have a 20 foot connex we need to sell. JBER will not allow a connex in the base storage lot any more. Ours will need to be removed and sold. Larry then noted the next club meeting would be on July 20th. We did a short round robin. I mentioned the wonderful service and great price I got on a new battery at the East Penn battery shop. They are a wholesaler, but the ATCM has a cash only account with them. They are located in the Huffman Business Park. I would recommend that you check with them the next time you need a new battery. The split the pot was $48 this month and Roy won $24. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45. 

October 2015 Meeting Minutes

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The October meeting of the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday, October 21st, at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. Those who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Dick Stevenson, John C. Goodman, Dennis & Diane Allen, Betty Larson, Tom Patterson, Larry A. Wilkinson Sr., Doc Porter, Jerry Peters, Richard Napoleon, Paul Williams, Jan Jefferies, Fred Scharper, Martin Slayton, Ralph Centoni, Don Oliver, Tim Benintendi, and Don B. We had twenty members sign in, but at one point I counted 22, so a couple of folks didn’t sign in.

     The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. He noted that we had a quorum and asked for new correspondence. There was none handed in, but Richard noted that some newsletters from other MVPA affiliates were being passed around. He then asked if the members present had received the newsletter, which they had, so the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted. 

Richard asked if we had any guests and noted that we had a new member at the meeting named Tom Patterson. Tim Benintendi and Jeanne Ostnes then asked to speak. They told us they had contacted several state legislators and were trying to get some legislation enacted to enable us to register and license the club half track to drive on the road.

     Richard then asked for any new bills. Betty Larson said that bill for the October newsletter was $144.93. I handed in a bill for $100 for two years of MVPA membership. John Goodman reminded everyone that it was voted on and approved that the four main club officers would have their MVPA membership paid by the club. I also noted that Don Kitchen said the club approved that at a meeting several years ago. Betty then handed out the club finance report. There were no questions, so it was accepted.

     We moved on to committees next. John Goodman had nothing to report from the half track committee. Dave Hewko, the Gaming Committee chairman, was unable to attend, but Tim Benintendi and Fred Scharper told us that the proper forms had been submitted to renew our gaming permit. Richard then asked about events. We were reminded that there will be a Veteran’s Day parade in Anchorage this year on Saturday, November 7th. Jeanne Ostnes said that the ATCM will be registered and she would pay the $100 fee to enter. Check the schedule of events for details. 

      We were reminded that Art Bell, the commander of American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 was one of the main organizers and that the post was sponsoring this event. We were also reminded how much post #1 has donated to the ATCM in the past and that they could use a donation to help cover costs associated with the parade. A motion was made to donate $250 to post #1, which was approved. I noted that the nominations committee was still taking nominations for the club officers and the board of directors. John Goodman nominated Dave Hewko for club treasurer. Dave Proehl and Dick Stevenson were nominated for the board of directors. John asked if anyone was doing anything about getting the club half track insured or putting the club photos on to CD’s? No one had.

     Richard asked for any new business and there was none. We did decide that the ATCM Christmas party would be on Wednesday, January 20th, at the Golden Corral on “C” street. This is the night of our regular monthly meeting. Dining will start at 6pm and the meeting will begin about 7pm.

     The split the pot this month was $100 and $50 was won by Marty Slayton. We adjourned at 8:10pm.


In Memoriam: James Garrigues

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James Garrigues, the son of Selah and Viva Rising Garrigues, was born in Great Bend, Kan., on Sept. 1, 1927. He attended high school in Great Bend, and joined the U.S. Navy and after returning to Kansas.  He graduated from Fort Hays Kansas State College with a Bachelor of Science in History and education. 

In 1953, James married Julia Harris of Hays, Kan. He moved to Anchorage in 1954 and taught at the old Central High School. In 1958, he created a business to clear timber from building sites and utility lines. His interest in local government led him to seek and win a seat on the Anchorage Borough Assembly in 1967. In 1971, James was reelected to the Borough Assembly and became the presiding officer. He served on the first Anchorage Charter Commission, whose task was to develop a charter unifying the borough and city. 

Thorough out his life, James worked in a variety of construction jobs including the DEW line and the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. His love of history, government, politics and reading led to his involvement in the political process and political campaigns. He ran for the state legislature in the 1990s as a Democrat. He was a member of the American Legion Post 28 and the Elks Lodge. 

James is survived by his daughter, Gayle Garrigues of Fairbanks; son, Martin Garrigues and daughter-in-law, Alisa Brown Garrigues of Anchorage; and granddaughters, Marisa Garrigues and Jana Garrigues Haugstad of Anchorage. His memorial service was held on Oct. 17, 2015, at the Baxter Road Church in Anchorage. Donations can be made to the Boy Scouts of America or your local library. 

January 20th, 2015: The ATC (M) Christmas Party

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It looks like we’ll be going to Golden Corral for our monthly meeting in January. 

Dinning starts at 6pm and the meeting will begin at 7pm.

September 2014 Meeting Minutes

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The September 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 17th, at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. 

Those who attended and also signed in were Doc Porter, Mark & Sue Strumsky, Betty Larson, John C. Goodman, John Fisher Sr., Dennis & Diane Allen, Martin Slayton,Don Oliver, Jerry & Nan Peters, Joshua L. Hodge, David Hewko, Richard Napoleon, Fred Scharper, Loren Martin, and Paul Williams. 

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by the club president, Richard Napoleon. He noted that we had a quorum and there were no new members or guests at the meeting. He then asked if everyone received the newsletter, which they had, and the minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Richard then asked for any new correspondence. The only thing handed in was a newsletter from a Connecticut affiliate of the MVPA, which was passed around. We then heard from the club committees. John Goodman spoke for the half track committee and said that the half track had been put away and covered up for the winter at Dave Proehl’s shop. We then heard from Richard Napoleon, the chairman of the membership committee. He noted that we have 204 members, including 104 life members, and that we had three
new members. 

Dave Hewko, the gaming committee chairman, said there were no changes. Betty Larson, the finance committee chairman, then handed out the treasure’s report. It was reviewed and accepted with no questions. Betty did note that the club half track fund had over $11,000 in it and that we had enough to order a pair of .30 caliber machine guns, mounts and the ammo trays. John Goodman suggested that we consider purchasing some M1A1 anti-personnel mines for the side racks. We also discussed buying a canvas cover for the half track, but John Goodman said he’d been unable to find a company that had a pattern available and that Beachwood Canvas had lost their pattern in a hurricane. Richard asked for a consensus from the membership about purchasing a pair of .30 caliber machine guns, the mounts, and the trays for the club half track as well as the appropriate number of anti-personnel mines. The membership gave a positive response to doing so, and Richard asked the club officers to stay for a board meeting after the monthly meeting to discuss and vote on that recommendation. (The board met after the monthly meeting and unanimously voted to purchase two .30 caliber machine guns, mounts, trays, and appropriate number of anti-personnel mines for the half track.

John Goodman said he would direct Dave Proehl to order the two machine guns and Mark Strumsky said that he would order the mines.) Richard then brought up the subject of providing an appropriate form to the gentleman who donated the M56 Scorpion to the ATCM. He said that the IRS was not very helpful, but he gave John Goodman some forms that would hopefully be of assistance. Richard then moved on to events and noted that we had none scheduled for the near future. We discussed old business next. Sue Strumsky said that three club members had attended the Freedom Flag Run on Sunday, September 13th.  She said that because of the rainy weather we did not bring our WC-63 and Dick Stevenson was the only member who brought a vehicle, his WC12. John Goodman then noted that despite what was in the newsletter, he was not evaluating the M56 Scorpions for restoration at this time. So far they have only been recovered and he hopes that they’ll both be brought to Dave Proehl’s house by winter. 

We then moved on to new business. Don Oliver mentioned that the club M38A1 Jeep was currently at his shop to have some much needed work done on it. As soon as it’s finished it will be stored at one of our lots on JBER. John Goodman then asked about the rumor of a GTB Burma Jeep being donated to the club. Don Oliver said that he thought it had been donated, but Martin Slayton said it was currently on his property and had not been donated to the club. Fred Scharper said he had purchased the Burma Jeep. 

Richard then noted the next club meeting would be on October 15th. The split the pot this month was for $70, and Loren Martin won $35. He kept $20 and donated the rest to the club. We adjourned at 7:35.

Alaska Veteran's Museum 13th Annual Dinner

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The Alaska Veteran's Museum's 13th annual dinner meeting will be held on Friday, November 7th 2014 at The Coast International Hotel near Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (Same as last year). 

Drinks are at 6pm and the dinner and program starts at 7pm, with a short business meeting after. The menu choice is beef or chicken. The price is $65 per person or $120 per couple. 

There will also be a silent auction which will include some military collectables, art work, and maybe a gun. The Master of Ceremonies this year will be CSM (Ret.) Bob Nelson.

Please contact Mark Strumsky if you are planning on attending!

May Newsletter

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Minutes of the Meeting

The April 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 16th at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. The members who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Richard Napoleon, John Fisher, David Hewko, Joe Leong, Larry A. Wilkinson Sr., Todd A. McCabe, Dave Syren, Dennis & Diane Allen, John C. Goodman, Doc Porter, Paul Williams, Jared Parrish, Wayne A. Ross, and Fred Scharper. The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and noted that we had a quorum. Richard then mentioned that we had a guest named Jared Parrish in attendance and he joined the club that night. He came with Paul Williams. Richard then asked if everyone had received the newsletter, and they had, so last month’s minutes were accepted.  Doc Porter then noted that there’s been too much side chatter and people talking out of turn at the last few meetings, and that he was going to start fining people 25 cents every time they interrupted. Richard asked for any new correspondence and Fred Scharper handed in some junk mail he had
received. Richard then asked for any new bills. John Goodman handed one in for $571.05 for club half track parts that included casters, intake valves, and lifter assemblies. Betty Larson, the club treasurer, wasn’t able to attend the meeting, so we didn’t get a treasure’s report. Richard then asked to hear from the other committees. John Goodman spoke up for the half track committee and discussed the progress made on the replacement engine. He noted that they had beefed up the engine stand to handle the half track engine. John also passed around some photos of the work that had been done so far. Richard spoke for the membership committee and said there were no new changes, except for the new member that had signed up that night. David Hewko spoke for the gaming committee and told us that the club financial statement was complete for 2014, and that the club tax return filing had also been done. Richard then asked to hear from events committees and presented us with a chart he had made. Mark Strumsky said he had contacted the Corvette Club to let them know that the ATCM would be coming to the Memorial Day Car Show at the Northway Mall, and that he would send around a signup sheet at the next club meeting. Those members who want to can meet up at the Denny’s Restaurant on DeBarr and Bragaw the morning of the show for breakfast. Diane Allen said that she would also send around a signup sheet at the next club meeting for the 4th of July Parade in Chugiak. Fred Sharper said that all the arrangements had been made with Jack Henry Post #1 for the club picnic on June 21st. He gave them a payment and a security deposit, but said not to worry about it. Larry Wilkinson then mentioned that he was going up to Healy to recover an M56 Scorpion that had been donated to the ATCM, but it does not have the gun, shield, or mount. He’s going to move it to another property in the area for now. Larry was hoping to go on April 14th, but there’s still too much snow on the ground and on the vehicle, so maybe in another week or so. John Goodman then reminded us that the MVPA’s 2016 convention would be in Pleasanton, California. He wants us to consider sending the club Dodge WC-51 and pay some of the expenses. John noted that some work would need to be done first if we’re going to send it, so the sooner we decide the better. John then mentioned the club property being stored in the Army National Guard Museum on Fort Richardson. He said that several club members have expressed interest in purchasing some of those items. So eventually a list will be made and we’ll be able to bid on some of them. The up side of that is that we’ll make the club some money, no longer have to worry about storing those items, and some of those items may come to future events to be viewed and enjoyed by others instead of sitting in a building on the base. Richard then passed around a “Who We Are” letter about the ATCM that will be passed out to Bingo Halls and other organizations to tell them who we are and what we do. It still needs a little bit of work though. Richard also said that he sent out letters of appreciation to the posts that have donated money to the ATCM recently. We then did a Round Robin and everyone got to tell what they were working on or doing. The split the pot this month was $76.00, and $38.00 was won by Wayne Ross. Richard noted that the next ATCM club meeting would be on May 21st, and the meeting was adjourned.

May - June Schedule of Events

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Memorial Day Car Show at the Northway Mall:
    Monday, May 26th. Bring canned goods to donate 
    to Armed Services YMCA. Mark Strumsky will be 
    the contact person. Phone: 333-0562. 

Colony Days Parade: 
June 7th in Palmer: More info will be forthcoming. 
Tamara Proehl with be the contact person. Phone: 907 745-1318 

Club Picnic: 
    Saturday, June 21st at the American Legion Jack Henry Post on Fireweed Lane.  Fred Scharper and Mark Strumsky will be the contacts.

Chugiak 4th of July Parade: 
    Diane Allen will be the contact person. Phone: 345-6335

JBER Air Show: 
    July 26th and 27th. John Goodman will be the contact person.

April 2014 Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of the Meeting 
The March 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 19th at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. 

The members who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Doc Porter, Paul Williams, Betty Larson, John C. Goodman, Dennis & Diane Allen, John Fisher, David Hewko,Todd A. McCabe, Tim Benintendi, Jeanne Ostnes, Wayne Ross, Fred Scharper, Jan Jeffries Webb, Dave & Tamara Proehl, Joe Leong, and Richard Napoleon. 

The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7pm. Although he didn’t note it, we did have a quorum. Richard did ask for any new correspondence. Apparently we had none. He then asked for any new bills. Fred Scharper had a bill for $115.47 for Chili he bought for the Military Truck Show during Fur Rondy. 

There was some disagreement about the amount, and I wasn’t able to follow it all, but I guess he will be paid. Sue Strumsky also had a minor bill for the cost of flyers printed for the same show. Richard then noted that the newsletter had been received by everyone and also asked that everyone should remember to sign in. He then noted that there were no new members in attendance. Richard then mentioned that because of the efforts of Tim  Benintendi and Fred Scharper, that the club had received $5,685 in donations from VFW 1685, the 40 & 8, and American Legion Post #1. Richard said that he would send them thank you letters and if they ever want us to attend a BBQ or other event, we would be glad to do so. 

Richard then asked for the reports from the various committees. Dave Proehl and John Goodman reported for the half track committee. John passed around a list of things that had been done on the club half track and things that needed to be done. Dave Proehl said that the .50 cal. machine gun was still being constructed and that a balance would be due soon. John then noted that Dave had incurred some fuel costs in transporting the half track to and from the truck show. Dave said he would submit a bill for reimbursement. 

Betty Larson then handed out the treasurer’s report. She actually handed out the treasurer’s report for two months, as she was unable to attend the last meeting. Betty noted that the expenses for the truck show would need to be adjusted. She also noted that she was expecting more half track bills for work being done. We then heard from Richard Napoleon, the Membership Committee Chairman. He said that we had one new member, and then asked to hear from the gaming committee. The gaming committee chairman, Dave Hewko, said that there were no new changes. 

Fred Scharper then mentioned that he had scheduled the club picnic at American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 on Fireweed Lane, for Saturday, June 21st. Tamara Proehl said that she would contact the Colony Days Committee and let them know that we will be participating in their parade on June 7th. It was decided that instead of going to the 4th of July Parade in Anchorage this year, the club would attend 
the 4th of July Parade in Chugiak. Diane Allen said that she’d be the contact person for that event, but basically all we have to do is show up to participate. 

I then mentioned an event taking place next weekend called, “Welcome Home Vietnam War Veterans.” It’s being sponsored by The Department of Military 
and Veterans Affairs and is being held at the William A. Egan Civic and Convention Center. It will take place on Saturday, March 29th. We can set up a display between 10am and 2pm and then return at 4pm. The actual event activities and ceremony 
start at 6pm. We will need to close down the booth about 7pm, until the ceremony is concluded. We can then reopen our booth until about 9pm. We will be allowed to sell our club T-shirts, belt buckles, and challenge coins and try to recruit new members. 
The tables and space are being provided to us at no charge. We are limited to two vehicles and I plan to bring my M151 and the club M38A1. Dennis and Diane Allen also agreed to help out, and some of the members who had items to sell said they would get them to me. 

Richard then asked for old business. Fred Scharper reminded Richard that he needs a letter about the club that he can give to Bingo Halls when he approaches them about playing our pull tabs. Richard said that he would do that. Wayne Ross said that he would try to provide Richard with a write up about the club that he did a few years ago. John Goodman then mentioned that the 2016 MVPA Convention was going to be held in Pleasanton, California. He hoped that some of us might attend it 
and maybe even consider driving some vehicles to the show. Dave Proehl said that General Bridges had contacted him and said that the Army National Guard Museum building needed to be cleared out soon. He also said that he had a new location for the ATCM to relocate our items for storage. 

Dave said he’d let us know when that happens and put together a work party to help. We then did the split the pot, which totaled $88.00. Jeanne Ostnes won $44.00 and seemed quite surprised and pleased that she did.  Richard then noted that the next club meeting would be on Wednesday, April 16th, and the meeting was 

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