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April 2014 Meeting Minutes

posted Apr 14, 2014, 7:22 PM by Atcm Designer
Minutes of the Meeting 
The March 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 19th at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. 

The members who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Doc Porter, Paul Williams, Betty Larson, John C. Goodman, Dennis & Diane Allen, John Fisher, David Hewko,Todd A. McCabe, Tim Benintendi, Jeanne Ostnes, Wayne Ross, Fred Scharper, Jan Jeffries Webb, Dave & Tamara Proehl, Joe Leong, and Richard Napoleon. 

The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7pm. Although he didn’t note it, we did have a quorum. Richard did ask for any new correspondence. Apparently we had none. He then asked for any new bills. Fred Scharper had a bill for $115.47 for Chili he bought for the Military Truck Show during Fur Rondy. 

There was some disagreement about the amount, and I wasn’t able to follow it all, but I guess he will be paid. Sue Strumsky also had a minor bill for the cost of flyers printed for the same show. Richard then noted that the newsletter had been received by everyone and also asked that everyone should remember to sign in. He then noted that there were no new members in attendance. Richard then mentioned that because of the efforts of Tim  Benintendi and Fred Scharper, that the club had received $5,685 in donations from VFW 1685, the 40 & 8, and American Legion Post #1. Richard said that he would send them thank you letters and if they ever want us to attend a BBQ or other event, we would be glad to do so. 

Richard then asked for the reports from the various committees. Dave Proehl and John Goodman reported for the half track committee. John passed around a list of things that had been done on the club half track and things that needed to be done. Dave Proehl said that the .50 cal. machine gun was still being constructed and that a balance would be due soon. John then noted that Dave had incurred some fuel costs in transporting the half track to and from the truck show. Dave said he would submit a bill for reimbursement. 

Betty Larson then handed out the treasurer’s report. She actually handed out the treasurer’s report for two months, as she was unable to attend the last meeting. Betty noted that the expenses for the truck show would need to be adjusted. She also noted that she was expecting more half track bills for work being done. We then heard from Richard Napoleon, the Membership Committee Chairman. He said that we had one new member, and then asked to hear from the gaming committee. The gaming committee chairman, Dave Hewko, said that there were no new changes. 

Fred Scharper then mentioned that he had scheduled the club picnic at American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 on Fireweed Lane, for Saturday, June 21st. Tamara Proehl said that she would contact the Colony Days Committee and let them know that we will be participating in their parade on June 7th. It was decided that instead of going to the 4th of July Parade in Anchorage this year, the club would attend 
the 4th of July Parade in Chugiak. Diane Allen said that she’d be the contact person for that event, but basically all we have to do is show up to participate. 

I then mentioned an event taking place next weekend called, “Welcome Home Vietnam War Veterans.” It’s being sponsored by The Department of Military 
and Veterans Affairs and is being held at the William A. Egan Civic and Convention Center. It will take place on Saturday, March 29th. We can set up a display between 10am and 2pm and then return at 4pm. The actual event activities and ceremony 
start at 6pm. We will need to close down the booth about 7pm, until the ceremony is concluded. We can then reopen our booth until about 9pm. We will be allowed to sell our club T-shirts, belt buckles, and challenge coins and try to recruit new members. 
The tables and space are being provided to us at no charge. We are limited to two vehicles and I plan to bring my M151 and the club M38A1. Dennis and Diane Allen also agreed to help out, and some of the members who had items to sell said they would get them to me. 

Richard then asked for old business. Fred Scharper reminded Richard that he needs a letter about the club that he can give to Bingo Halls when he approaches them about playing our pull tabs. Richard said that he would do that. Wayne Ross said that he would try to provide Richard with a write up about the club that he did a few years ago. John Goodman then mentioned that the 2016 MVPA Convention was going to be held in Pleasanton, California. He hoped that some of us might attend it 
and maybe even consider driving some vehicles to the show. Dave Proehl said that General Bridges had contacted him and said that the Army National Guard Museum building needed to be cleared out soon. He also said that he had a new location for the ATCM to relocate our items for storage. 

Dave said he’d let us know when that happens and put together a work party to help. We then did the split the pot, which totaled $88.00. Jeanne Ostnes won $44.00 and seemed quite surprised and pleased that she did.  Richard then noted that the next club meeting would be on Wednesday, April 16th, and the meeting was