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August 2013 Meeting Minutes

posted Sep 6, 2013, 10:06 PM by Atcm Designer   [ updated Sep 6, 2013, 10:11 PM ]
Minutes of the Meeting
The August 2013 meeting of the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday, the 21st of August 2013, at the Denny’s Restaurant at 2900 Denali Street. This was our first meeting at the new location. 

Those who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Mike Odom, Larry & Patty Wilkinson, Fabienne Ronnes, Philip Strumsky, Lindsay Orange, Dennis & Diane Allen, John C. Goodman, Betty Larson, Doc’ Porter, Jerry & Nan Peters, Ralph Centoni, Paul Williams, Don Kircoff, John Ruthe, Joe Leong, Don Bloom, Dozer Bloom, Fred Scharper, Walter Ingalls, Ed Larson, Richard Napoleon, John Gonzalaz & wife, Jeanne Ostnes, and Tim Benintendi. Richard Napoleon, the Club president, called the meeting to order at about 7:05pm. 

Richard noted that we had a quorum and that everyone had received the last newsletter, so the minutes from July were accepted. Richard then noted our guests this month that included Fabienne Ronnes, who is from Switzerland, and was visiting with Larry and Patty Wilkinson. He also welcomed Don Kircoff who was visiting with Paul Williams, and lives in Michigan. Richard then asked for any bills. John Goodman noted that Dave Proehl had made a deposit of $1000 and ordered a replica 50 caliber machine gun for the club half track. They are custom made to order and it will take some time to build one. The total will run about $1700. Richard also noted that he ordered flowers for Barry Ingalls funeral, but did not mention the cost. Betty Larson said that the cost to the August newsletter was $168.37, and that it has gone down in cost every month due to the fact that we are sending the newsletter by email to so many members. 

Betty Larson then handed out the treasurer’s report for review. There were no questions from the members and it was accepted. Richard then asked to hear from the committees. John Goodman reported for the half track committee and said that a replica 50 caliber machine gun had been ordered for the half track. He also mentioned that the half track was still operational, but it should not be driven in its current condition because something might fail, and would be easier to repair now than if a problem was created by driving it anymore. He is currently trying to find some new gaskets that will be needed for the rebuild and is not sure when and where it will be repaired. Richard reported for the membership committee and said that we currently have 150 members and that 140 of them are life members. Dave Hewko was not in attendance, so we did not hear from the gaming committee. 

It was then brought up whether or not we would have a club picnic this year. It was briefly discussed and decided that with the rainy weather in September, and it being so late in the summer, we will not have one this year. 

Richard then asked to hear any old business. It was brought up that we needed to create a nominating committee for the upcoming club elections. John Goodman suggested we have a board meeting in September to discuss it. 

We then heard from Walter Ingalls, Barry Ingalls son, with regard to his father’s passing away and the plans for his services and funeral. Walter said that there would be a service at The Anchorage Baptist Temple at 1pm on Thursday, August 22nd. The funeral would be at the Fort Richardson National Cemetery at 3pm, and a celebration of life would be held at the State Trooper Museum on 5th Avenue at 5:30pm. John Goodman noted he would be unable to attend because the farewell event for Dwain Daniels was being held at the MWR shop that same afternoon. 

John also noted that our club vehicles and the container have not yet been moved to thenew storage lot and the new cost will be $800 a year. The cost will be split between the club, John Goodman, and the gang of four. The name under which the lots are rented will also be changed from Fred Scharper to Dave Proehl. John said that we will also need to address the insurance issue for the half track at the next board meeting. Walter Ingalls then noted that Janice would like to sell Barry’s 1962 M151 ‘MUTT’ and 1967 M35 deuce and a half. He said he would send me more information to be included in the advertising section of the next newsletter. 

I then noted that I would speak to the manager of Denny’s about our waiter and the fact that he would not take our orders until 6:45. A few of us really need to be done eating by the time the meeting starts. Sue Strumsky then mentioned the Freedom Flag Run in the Valley on September 14th, but there was no interest in attending it this year. John Goodman reminded us that he went to the MVPA convention last month but was disappointed in the turnout and displays this year. His grandson Brett presented a copy of the ALCAN stamp print to the convention for their fundraising auction this year. Richard then called the meeting to a close at 7:58. The split the pot this month was $106, and $53 was won by Diane Allen.