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July Meeting Minutes

posted Aug 2, 2013, 12:15 AM by Atcm Designer
Minutes of the Meeting

The July 2013 meeting of the Alaska Territorial 
Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday, July 
17th 2013, at Peggy’s Restaurant on 5th Avenue. 

Those who attended, and also remembered to sign in, were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Larry A. Wilkinson Sr., John Goodman, Brett Evans, Betty Larson, Dave & Tamara Proehl, Fred Scharper, John Fisher, John Ruthe, Dennis & Diane Allen, David Hewko, and Barry, Janice, Mariyah, Zackary, Gabby, and Nick Ingalls. John Goodman called the meeting to order at a little after 7pm. 

John was again filling in for club president, Richard Napoleon, who was still 
out of state. John noted that we did have a quorum and started by introducing Dave Proehls’ new wife, Tamara. John then recognized Dave Proehl for his 20 plus years of serving as the club vice president by presenting him with a battery box for his Dodge WC57 command car. 

John then noted that the club newsletter had been received by everyone and the 
minutes from the last meeting were accepted. John then asked for any new correspondence, and Fred Scharper handed in some junk mail. John asked for 
any new bills. John Goodman had a bill for $321 for new speedy seals and sleeves for the club half track and the cost of Dave Proehl’s battery box. 

The bill for the club newsletter this month was 
$170. Mark Strumsky also turned in a bill for $180 
to cover the cost of participating in the 4th of July 
Parade. Fred Scharper said that he would check on 
why it cost us $15 per vehicle to participate in the 
parade this year. 

The bills were all voted on and approved. Betty Larson then handed out the club
treasure’s report. The report was approved with no questions. We did not hear from the membership  committee as the chairman, Richard Napoleon, was 
not in attendance. 

David Hewko, the chairman of the gaming committee, had nothing new to report. 

John Goodman gave a report for the half track committee. He said that the new transmission and transfer case were ready to install and that they were in very good condition and that the engine rebuild would be next. Dave Proehl has not made 
any progress with the purchase of a replica machine gun, because he has not had a response from the manufacturer. Mark Strumsky said that he would try to find the phone number for the guy that builds them. 

John then asked for any old business. John mentioned that on 7/29 the new storage lots on Fort Richardson would be opening. They have some 45 and 55 footers, so our club vehicles and some of the private vehicles will need to be moved. The lots 
are already paid for through April and it will be prorated to the new lots. The containers and the club WC51 can stay where they are for now. John also mentioned that it’s getting tougher to get on the base. They now require that all personnel without an ID card go to the check-in station to be checked out and get a photograph taken. It can take quite a bit of time to get through security. 

John then moved on to new business. He mentioned that 
Dwain Daniel, the manager of the MWR shop on 
Fort Richardson, was being transferred. John said 
that Dwain has been a tremendous help to the club 
with restoring several vehicles and giving us access 
to the shop. John suggested that we help pay for a 
good-bye celebration for him at the MWR shop and 
that there may be up to 70 people in attendance. 
Fred Scharper moved that the ATCM approve $250 
towards that event. It was approved. John also
mentioned that he had ordered 25 more club belt 
buckles to sell. He also said that there would be no 
expense to the club. John then brought up the 
MVPA convention in Portland. Each affiliate has 
been asked to donate an item for auction at the 
convention. John is donating a copy of the USPS 
1992 Alcan collectors’ stamp that is mounted on a 
nice display frame. David Hewko and Brett Evans 
will be representing the ATCM at the convention 
and will present it to the MVPA for auction. Barry 
Ingalls then suggested that we should create an 
awards and recognition committee. But since we 
don’t do many awards or recognitions, and already 
have too many committees, the suggestion was 
dropped. John also noted that this is an election 
year and we need to start thinking about who to 
nominate for the various positions. Ballots will 
appear in the November and December newsletters 
and the election will be in December. Barry Ingalls 
suggested that in order to improve our relationship 
with the military, we should try to get an audience 
with the commanding general at JBER, and give 
him a club belt buckle. But with the increasing 
difficulty of getting onto the base, that idea was 
also scrapped. We then did a round robin and the 
members got to share what they’ve been up to. An 
item to note is that Fred Scharper has a new black 
lab puppy named ‘Tilley’. She’s about nine weeks 
old and quite a handful. Dennis and Diane Allen 
mentioned that the Show and Shine will be held on 
Saturday, August 3rd, on the Park Strip. 

John then noted that the next ATCM club meeting will be on 
Wednesday, August 21st. The split the pot total this 
month was $58, and Sue Strumsky won $29.

Editor’s Spot

Despite the rain, everyone who participated in the 
Anchorage Fourth of July Parade seemed to have a 
good time. But there were a few glitches. We didn’t
receive any informational packages before the parade 
with regard to the times, location, and the route. So 
we did line up in the wrong place and had to move. 
We were also charged $60 plus $15 per vehicle to be 
in the parade. Many members had issues with that. I 
guess the cost of running the parade is increasing and 
the city is contributing less. So this may actually turn 
out to be the last Anchorage Fourth of July Parade we 
participate in. It should also be noted that this is the 
last event we are scheduled to attend this year. There 
doesn’t seem any interest in attending the Freedom 
Flag Run in the Valley, and not much has been said 
with regard to having a club picnic or trail ride either.

Mark Strumsky 
ATC (M) Newsletter editor 
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