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May Newsletter

posted May 4, 2014, 3:52 PM by Atcm Designer   [ updated May 4, 2014, 4:00 PM ]

Minutes of the Meeting

The April 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 16th at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. The members who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Richard Napoleon, John Fisher, David Hewko, Joe Leong, Larry A. Wilkinson Sr., Todd A. McCabe, Dave Syren, Dennis & Diane Allen, John C. Goodman, Doc Porter, Paul Williams, Jared Parrish, Wayne A. Ross, and Fred Scharper. The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm and noted that we had a quorum. Richard then mentioned that we had a guest named Jared Parrish in attendance and he joined the club that night. He came with Paul Williams. Richard then asked if everyone had received the newsletter, and they had, so last month’s minutes were accepted.  Doc Porter then noted that there’s been too much side chatter and people talking out of turn at the last few meetings, and that he was going to start fining people 25 cents every time they interrupted. Richard asked for any new correspondence and Fred Scharper handed in some junk mail he had
received. Richard then asked for any new bills. John Goodman handed one in for $571.05 for club half track parts that included casters, intake valves, and lifter assemblies. Betty Larson, the club treasurer, wasn’t able to attend the meeting, so we didn’t get a treasure’s report. Richard then asked to hear from the other committees. John Goodman spoke up for the half track committee and discussed the progress made on the replacement engine. He noted that they had beefed up the engine stand to handle the half track engine. John also passed around some photos of the work that had been done so far. Richard spoke for the membership committee and said there were no new changes, except for the new member that had signed up that night. David Hewko spoke for the gaming committee and told us that the club financial statement was complete for 2014, and that the club tax return filing had also been done. Richard then asked to hear from events committees and presented us with a chart he had made. Mark Strumsky said he had contacted the Corvette Club to let them know that the ATCM would be coming to the Memorial Day Car Show at the Northway Mall, and that he would send around a signup sheet at the next club meeting. Those members who want to can meet up at the Denny’s Restaurant on DeBarr and Bragaw the morning of the show for breakfast. Diane Allen said that she would also send around a signup sheet at the next club meeting for the 4th of July Parade in Chugiak. Fred Sharper said that all the arrangements had been made with Jack Henry Post #1 for the club picnic on June 21st. He gave them a payment and a security deposit, but said not to worry about it. Larry Wilkinson then mentioned that he was going up to Healy to recover an M56 Scorpion that had been donated to the ATCM, but it does not have the gun, shield, or mount. He’s going to move it to another property in the area for now. Larry was hoping to go on April 14th, but there’s still too much snow on the ground and on the vehicle, so maybe in another week or so. John Goodman then reminded us that the MVPA’s 2016 convention would be in Pleasanton, California. He wants us to consider sending the club Dodge WC-51 and pay some of the expenses. John noted that some work would need to be done first if we’re going to send it, so the sooner we decide the better. John then mentioned the club property being stored in the Army National Guard Museum on Fort Richardson. He said that several club members have expressed interest in purchasing some of those items. So eventually a list will be made and we’ll be able to bid on some of them. The up side of that is that we’ll make the club some money, no longer have to worry about storing those items, and some of those items may come to future events to be viewed and enjoyed by others instead of sitting in a building on the base. Richard then passed around a “Who We Are” letter about the ATCM that will be passed out to Bingo Halls and other organizations to tell them who we are and what we do. It still needs a little bit of work though. Richard also said that he sent out letters of appreciation to the posts that have donated money to the ATCM recently. We then did a Round Robin and everyone got to tell what they were working on or doing. The split the pot this month was $76.00, and $38.00 was won by Wayne Ross. Richard noted that the next ATCM club meeting would be on May 21st, and the meeting was adjourned.