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October 2015 Meeting Minutes

posted Dec 6, 2015, 11:46 PM by Atcm Designer

The October meeting of the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday, October 21st, at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. Those who attended and also signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Dick Stevenson, John C. Goodman, Dennis & Diane Allen, Betty Larson, Tom Patterson, Larry A. Wilkinson Sr., Doc Porter, Jerry Peters, Richard Napoleon, Paul Williams, Jan Jefferies, Fred Scharper, Martin Slayton, Ralph Centoni, Don Oliver, Tim Benintendi, and Don B. We had twenty members sign in, but at one point I counted 22, so a couple of folks didn’t sign in.

     The club president, Richard Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7:05pm. He noted that we had a quorum and asked for new correspondence. There was none handed in, but Richard noted that some newsletters from other MVPA affiliates were being passed around. He then asked if the members present had received the newsletter, which they had, so the minutes from last month’s meeting were accepted. 

Richard asked if we had any guests and noted that we had a new member at the meeting named Tom Patterson. Tim Benintendi and Jeanne Ostnes then asked to speak. They told us they had contacted several state legislators and were trying to get some legislation enacted to enable us to register and license the club half track to drive on the road.

     Richard then asked for any new bills. Betty Larson said that bill for the October newsletter was $144.93. I handed in a bill for $100 for two years of MVPA membership. John Goodman reminded everyone that it was voted on and approved that the four main club officers would have their MVPA membership paid by the club. I also noted that Don Kitchen said the club approved that at a meeting several years ago. Betty then handed out the club finance report. There were no questions, so it was accepted.

     We moved on to committees next. John Goodman had nothing to report from the half track committee. Dave Hewko, the Gaming Committee chairman, was unable to attend, but Tim Benintendi and Fred Scharper told us that the proper forms had been submitted to renew our gaming permit. Richard then asked about events. We were reminded that there will be a Veteran’s Day parade in Anchorage this year on Saturday, November 7th. Jeanne Ostnes said that the ATCM will be registered and she would pay the $100 fee to enter. Check the schedule of events for details. 

      We were reminded that Art Bell, the commander of American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 was one of the main organizers and that the post was sponsoring this event. We were also reminded how much post #1 has donated to the ATCM in the past and that they could use a donation to help cover costs associated with the parade. A motion was made to donate $250 to post #1, which was approved. I noted that the nominations committee was still taking nominations for the club officers and the board of directors. John Goodman nominated Dave Hewko for club treasurer. Dave Proehl and Dick Stevenson were nominated for the board of directors. John asked if anyone was doing anything about getting the club half track insured or putting the club photos on to CD’s? No one had.

     Richard asked for any new business and there was none. We did decide that the ATCM Christmas party would be on Wednesday, January 20th, at the Golden Corral on “C” street. This is the night of our regular monthly meeting. Dining will start at 6pm and the meeting will begin about 7pm.

     The split the pot this month was $100 and $50 was won by Marty Slayton. We adjourned at 8:10pm.