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October Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 30, 2013, 11:16 PM by Atcm Designer
The October 2013 meeting of the Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday, October 16th 2013, at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street. Those who attended and signed in were Mark & Sue Strumsky, Loren Martin, Betty Larson, Doc’ Porter, Mike Odom, John C Goodman, Dennis & Diane Allen, Howard 
Hunt, Dave Syren, David Hewko, Fred Scharper, Richard Napoleon, Joe Leong, Larry A. Wilkinson SR., and Ralph Centoni. Club president, Richard 
Napoleon, called the meeting to order at 7:02pm. 

He noted that we had a quorum and that we had a guest named Howard Hunt. Howard is a former member and I believe he signed up again this month. 

Richard then noted that the newsletter had gone out on time and that everyone had received it. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted. 

Richard then asked for any new correspondence and some newsletters from other MVPA clubs were passed around. Richard then asked for any new bills. Betty Larson, the club treasurer, noted that our bill from the printer for the newsletter was 
$158.63 this month, and has gone down a little bit from last month. Betty also noted that we received a $3000.00 donation from the American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 towards the ½ track restoration. The post said they would like for someone from the 
ATCM to attend their next meeting on November 7th. Larry Wilkinson said that he would attend the meeting and would bring a letter of appreciation for their donation. Richard said that he would type up the letter and take it to Larry. Betty Larson, the club treasurer, then handed out the treasurer’s report to be reviewed. 

There were a few questions, mostly from Fred Scharper, and it was accepted. We then heard from the membership committee chairman, Richard Napoleon. He said they we currently have 201 members, of which 60 were annual members. Dave 
Hewko was next and reported for the gaming committee. Dave said that there was no change and that we had $600 in the gaming account. He also 
mentioned that the tax returns are being done and that Fred Scharper was working on getting a permit to play our games at Tudor Bingo in 2014. 

John Goodman reported for the half track committee. He said that he was looking for someone to manufacture a canvas cover for the half track. He also said that they don’t plan to do any engine work on the club half track until after the Fur Rondy truck show. It still runs and can be loaded and transported on a trailer to the show. They plan to eventually pull the engine from the yellow half track, rebuild it, and install it in the club half track. That engine will then be rebuilt and installed in the yellow half track. We then heard from the various event committees. 

Fred Sharper said that he has booked the American Legion Jack Henry Post #1 on Fireweed Lane for our club Christmas Party this year. I noted that we needed a committee chairman and some volunteers to help with setup and cleanup at the party. Nobody volunteered for anything, so Richard said he would go by the post with Fred and work out the details. (Richard has since gone to Korea, I’m not sure if its North or South Korea, and he won’t be back for a month, so I’m the committee chairman for now). 

Some people will go to extremes to avoid being on a committee. We then discussed our club holdings at the Alaska National Guard Museum at Camp Carol. We heard that the building is going to be torn down and replaced soon. So, we will eventually need to inventory, box up, and move our items to another location. Hopefully, the location is going to be provided by the Guard. 

John Goodman suggested that we don’t do anything at this time and wait for 
them to contact us. John also said that Dave Proehl would keep his eyes and ears open about when the move is going to take place. Dennis Allen then spoke for the nominations committee. He noted who has been nominated so far and asked if there were any other nominations. He then closed the nominations and noted that the ballots will be in the next two club newsletters. Members can either mail them to Dennis or send them to him by email. (That information can be found on the ballot in this newsletter). 

I then mentioned that I’ve been getting a lot of requests from members to put ads in the newsletters for non-members. I had put in a few because I thought members might be interested in what was for sale. So I asked that the membership to decide if that was OK or not. Overwhelmingly, the membership said that only members can put ads in the newsletter for free, and that we should charge $20 a month for any non-member advertisements. So that’s the way it will be from now on. 

I then made a pitch for the Alaska Veteran Museum’s annual dinner and fund raiser on Saturday, November 9th. It will be at the Coast International Inn near Lake Hood. If you plan to attend, and have not already told me, then give me a call or send me an email so that I can RSVP. We then did the split the pot. The total this month was 
$122 and $61 was won by Loren Martin. The meeting was adjourned.