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September 2014 Meeting Minutes

posted Oct 11, 2014, 8:48 PM by Atcm Designer
The September 2014 meeting of The Alaska Territorial Cavalry (Motorized) took place on Wednesday the 17th, at the Denny’s Restaurant on Denali Street in Anchorage. 

Those who attended and also signed in were Doc Porter, Mark & Sue Strumsky, Betty Larson, John C. Goodman, John Fisher Sr., Dennis & Diane Allen, Martin Slayton,Don Oliver, Jerry & Nan Peters, Joshua L. Hodge, David Hewko, Richard Napoleon, Fred Scharper, Loren Martin, and Paul Williams. 

The meeting was called to order at 7pm by the club president, Richard Napoleon. He noted that we had a quorum and there were no new members or guests at the meeting. He then asked if everyone received the newsletter, which they had, and the minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Richard then asked for any new correspondence. The only thing handed in was a newsletter from a Connecticut affiliate of the MVPA, which was passed around. We then heard from the club committees. John Goodman spoke for the half track committee and said that the half track had been put away and covered up for the winter at Dave Proehl’s shop. We then heard from Richard Napoleon, the chairman of the membership committee. He noted that we have 204 members, including 104 life members, and that we had three
new members. 

Dave Hewko, the gaming committee chairman, said there were no changes. Betty Larson, the finance committee chairman, then handed out the treasure’s report. It was reviewed and accepted with no questions. Betty did note that the club half track fund had over $11,000 in it and that we had enough to order a pair of .30 caliber machine guns, mounts and the ammo trays. John Goodman suggested that we consider purchasing some M1A1 anti-personnel mines for the side racks. We also discussed buying a canvas cover for the half track, but John Goodman said he’d been unable to find a company that had a pattern available and that Beachwood Canvas had lost their pattern in a hurricane. Richard asked for a consensus from the membership about purchasing a pair of .30 caliber machine guns, the mounts, and the trays for the club half track as well as the appropriate number of anti-personnel mines. The membership gave a positive response to doing so, and Richard asked the club officers to stay for a board meeting after the monthly meeting to discuss and vote on that recommendation. (The board met after the monthly meeting and unanimously voted to purchase two .30 caliber machine guns, mounts, trays, and appropriate number of anti-personnel mines for the half track.

John Goodman said he would direct Dave Proehl to order the two machine guns and Mark Strumsky said that he would order the mines.) Richard then brought up the subject of providing an appropriate form to the gentleman who donated the M56 Scorpion to the ATCM. He said that the IRS was not very helpful, but he gave John Goodman some forms that would hopefully be of assistance. Richard then moved on to events and noted that we had none scheduled for the near future. We discussed old business next. Sue Strumsky said that three club members had attended the Freedom Flag Run on Sunday, September 13th.  She said that because of the rainy weather we did not bring our WC-63 and Dick Stevenson was the only member who brought a vehicle, his WC12. John Goodman then noted that despite what was in the newsletter, he was not evaluating the M56 Scorpions for restoration at this time. So far they have only been recovered and he hopes that they’ll both be brought to Dave Proehl’s house by winter. 

We then moved on to new business. Don Oliver mentioned that the club M38A1 Jeep was currently at his shop to have some much needed work done on it. As soon as it’s finished it will be stored at one of our lots on JBER. John Goodman then asked about the rumor of a GTB Burma Jeep being donated to the club. Don Oliver said that he thought it had been donated, but Martin Slayton said it was currently on his property and had not been donated to the club. Fred Scharper said he had purchased the Burma Jeep. 

Richard then noted the next club meeting would be on October 15th. The split the pot this month was for $70, and Loren Martin won $35. He kept $20 and donated the rest to the club. We adjourned at 7:35.